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Player Safety

Organizational Focus on Player Safety

The risk of injury is now, and has always been, a part of sports at all levels.Although the risk of injury is present in all sports, football always seems to be at the head of conversation due to the physical nature of the sport. It is this very same defining characteristic of football that makes the sport loved by so many and a the same time makes the sport one that is prone to bumps, bruises, and sometimes more serious injuries.

In recent years, concussions have come to the forefront when it comes to injuries in all sports.Youth football is certainly not the only sport that has to deal with the potential for concussions, but obviously it can't be excluded from the list either.The Little Blue Eagles recognize that this is a concern and are taking action to try and ensure that our athletes are playing in the safest environment we can possibly create for them.

New Concussion Training Policy for Coaches

Beginning with the 2013 season, ALL coaches will be required to complete an online training course related to concussions and provide a printed certificate as confirmation that the course was completed.The course is provided by the CDC and focuses on identifying possible concussions as well as responding to suspected concussions.One of the biggest dangers of concussions is when they are not identified and another concussion occurs before the previous concussion has completely healed.Educating our coaches greatly helps to reduce the risk of this type of situation.

Educational Materials for Parents

It's not just the coaches that need to be in the know when it comes to concussions, it's the parents as well.Let's face it, the coaches see what's on the field, but they don't see the athletes outside of practice and games, which is the vast majority of the time.That means it's the parents that need to be educated as well and the Little Blue Eagles are gearing up to help with that. We have obtained lot's of educational resources, from web sites, to flyers, to articles and we're going to share it all with our parents.

At the beginning of each season parents will be presented with packets of information to help them understand their role in helping to identify and react to suspected concussions.In the event that a potential concussion occurs on the field, the coaches will have additional information on hand to share with parents on the spot. Most times a potential concussion doesn't turn out to be an actual concussion, but each case must be taken seriously and education is the key. 

Focus on Safe Play

All youth football organization do this and we are no exception.Our coaches plan practices carefully to ensure that teaching our athletes to be good, aggressive football players doesn't cross the line and become too dangerous.Our coaches also emphasize safe tackling techniques which can help avoid head to head collisions and other reckless styles of play that can increase the risk of injuries in general and concussions specifically.


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